Anime Review: -No Game No Life-

Have you grown weary of the world you currently reside in? Does the blandness of the mundane, NEET life you live, have you seeking something new? This is that the one true god, Tet, seeks to give our two protagonists, Shiro & Sora. Their online persona, blank, is an online persona forged by the sibling duo in their prowess of online play and their scary knowledge in many aspects of game strategy and real world functions. However, their NEET lives leave them as shut-ins. That is until a random email and chess game ensues, which then gives Tet all the informaiton he needs and brings them into his crafted world of , Disboard. Here our duo seeks to live the lives that they were born to live.


No Game No Life is an anime that is vivid artistically and also quite fan-service based. The art is both bright but also very dark. It all has a worn sort of feel to it and yet with the brightness, the anime shows there is a lot of hope riding on these two characters. While this anime may not be very old, it is quite new and the art style follows a lot of the modern design queues. Every character is vastly unique and even races, like the elves, seem more unique than most anime representations. Every represented race however, is very much a unique entity. The dark colors and saturation suits this anime very well and the vibrant backgrounds only help to bolster the already impressive art style that accompanies the anime. The ecchi theme that permeates the anime is something that can be very off putting for many potential viewers. While I would be wrong to say that it doesn’t really bother me, it would bother a great deal more so this may no be for you if you aren’t a fan of showy and often very questionable fan-service.

Voice acting is always a massive and important part to any would be anime. No Game No Life thankfully delivers a very strong voice acting cast to the fold and let me just say this…. Those monologues on tactics and knowledge is something that makes this amazingly awesome. The voice actor for Sora really pulls some amazing weight in giving this character a voice that carries and makes us wowed by his impressive knowledge. If you can feel caught up in the moment due to just voice acting alone, imagine what a strong cast would be capable of! This is not to say that the rest of cast lacks in any power. Every single character has a unique personality behind them, as well as their own motives for doing what they want or need to do. While there is a fair bit of fan-service scenes and dialogue moments, the humor is genuinely hilarious and it feels natural and not forced or rushed. Speaking on things that add to a series, the music in this series is alright. This is for my account only. You may very well like the composed numbers but I felt they were lacking. There were a few pieces that I really enjoyed but aside from the opening, I wasn’t really hooked.

With a 12 episode run, the story seems very rushed. With each episodes taking place a couple days after the other episodes; granted some do continue with the current day or pick up after the previous episode. Granted, this anime may have only been set up as a 12 episode run, which is nothing bad at all. The story however seemed to hint at a slower pace this however, was not that at all, the story progressed pretty darn quickly, with the main characters already having dominated one entire nation. Granted this just may be too quick for my blood, though I will be honest and say that the pacing was still very much acceptable and it shouldn’t lose any viewers that are watching it. However for others this may be a case of, the anime is progressing to fast that I lose interest, sort of case. The story is fun and dynamic. It does indeed keep you on your toes. The duo of Sora and Shiro have a reputation to uphold for their online persona Blank, now in the real game world. Through this they must show that Blank never loses. While a short story, it still is a great one none-the-less. The studio has yet to make any sort of season two announcement and as such I would argue that seeing how rushed the story felt that a season two might not be in the works yet but could be in the far off future.


In the end this short anime may be worth your while. The humor is spot on, the art is wonderful and the short nature of the anime makes it a very quick and easy watch. If you were expecting a wider arcing story then you may wish to steer clear. If this is not a concern of yours then feel free to check this anime out! We have both Crunchyroll and Viewster, however we watched this one on Viewster! We will provide links to both anime streaming sites! As always, we would love to hear what you thought about, No Game No Life, in the comment section below or on our official twitter page! As always, thanks for reading.

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19 thoughts on “Anime Review: -No Game No Life-

  1. I have a hard time recommending this anime to people because they will only be disappointed with the abrupt end. Did I like the show? Heck yeah! But it’s hard for me to get into something that is so lacking in conclusion.

    You did make good points about the coloring/lighting. Because things are so bright all the time, the moment shadow comes into focus it’s heavily dramatic and awesome! Cool review, nice to know your thoughts.

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  2. I actually started watching this a couple weeks ago on Anime on Demand. I got about halfway through before DirecTV strangely pulled the channel. (But it’s back up now.) I really like the whole concept, but I definitely thought it’s the type of series that needs a season 2. I liked the whole visual style, but the ecchi did seem forced. I bought the light novels, so I plan to start them soon.

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  3. It felt SEVERELY incomplete. But it was a good ride overall.

    Now, time for you to watch Mondaiji… You will feel the similarity and then think that Mondaiji is actually more superior

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      1. You def had it coming ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. Curious as to why on one of my older articles XD


      3. Because I normally would have put it on your “About” page lol but you don’t (or I just couldn’t find) your comment section haha. Plus I was on my phone and it’s being a real jerk today (lol damn you apple) so I just kind of had to go with whatever it would let me click on. Let’s just chalk it up to an epic failure on technology use on my part! That being said I totally creep on peoples backposts lol.

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      4. Lol that’s fine XD just beware, the deeper you go, the scarier the articles become.

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      5. Ohhhhhh…. Challenge ACCEPTED!


  4. I really enjoyed NGNL and have hopes for another season even if they are in vain.

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    1. We are at least getting a movie ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Which is a bonus, but will it be a ‘side-story’ or continue with where they left off or worse, a recap?? I have so many concerns…

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