My Hero Academia Review

Step into the shoes of a hero. Fulfill that childish desire through the eyes of Izuku Midoriya living in  world full of people who posses awesome Quirks that allow them to perform feats of amazing strength. It is an age of heroes and Izuku Midoriya is a boy born into it without a Quirk  to call his own. As fate often has a way of finding the less fortunate, Izuku Midoriya is a subject to fate’s design when he happens to run into the famed hero All Might. Having tried to help save the person who has tormented him for not having a Quirk (Bully in question being Katsuki Bakugou) All Might  appears to help save the day. Upon his exit he is approached by Izuku Midoriya and due to fate’s design passes on his Quirk One For All in the hopes that Midoriya can use this power to its fullest extent. Thus begins young Midoriya’s adventure into the high school that caters to grooming the next generation of heroes to combat the dastardly villains and to keep the peace. Enter U.A. High School.

A Story For the Hero Inside us All: Watching this anime brought back so many positive memories from my childhood days of looking up to characters who were superheroes. It reminded me so much of my favorite movie growing up Sky High which in a nutshell is what this anime feels like; just a televised version! The anime is inspirational and it pushes not only its characters succeed in life, but also that of the audience watching. I have never felt more empowered and encouraged by an anime than I have by this one. It is the overall theme that accompanies this title as its story unfolds before us. There is strength in us all, even if we feel weak and meaningless. We all have the power within to become the heroes we find ourselves infatuated by.  This is the one of the themes that someone can walk away with.

Having that power inside us, to manifest when we need it, is such a powerful tool in encouragement and in what we pour our passions into. To have the strength to overcome any challenge is what makes us great. My Hero Academia is phenomenal in this regard and it is what makes it such a resounding success. I just love how pumped I feel when I watch this anime and how much of an impact it leaves on me; I feel emboldened by the words of both All Might and Midoriya. The power to tap into what makes us great even when we face our limits is what brings out our inner heroes.

Each hero and heroine in this anime is unique with their Quirk and unique in personality. From Katsuki’s over zealous praising of his ability, to Uraraka Ochako peppy and charming personality that wins not only Midoriya, but also manages to win over us! It is the cast of characters that brings out the theme of power in unison for a cause and the ability to stand strong as one, even against otherworldly odds that threaten our livelihood.

Art That is Bold and Telling: I absolutely love the work by Studio Bones and this anime is yet another phenomenal piece of work by a studio that knows quality. This anime has such a beautiful style and it remains faithful to the art-style of the manga so much that there is hardly a tell-tale difference between the two works. It’s this sort of attention that draws me to the actual anime and encourages me to pick up the manga. The lines are strong and the mix of the western style comic book hero (All Might) and the mix of Japanese inspired hero design is really fantastic. It blends together two very different styles and I personally love that direction. It takes a bold step in an area of art that you hardly ever get to see.

The fight scenes are what really shine as it shares a beautiful mixture of rough and polished. The end result is an anime that is just gorgeous to enjoy all around. I love how well it transitions during the fight scenes and how amazingly epic they look. You won’t find another anime that has such strong lines and captivating fights; well maybe you can, but this one takes the cake! Even the characters are lovingly detailed and their animations are just as enjoyable. There is such a diversity to the character designs and types, especially when their hero costumes are considered. From epic and strong, to insane and punk, each one has a design and aura all their own. It adds so much more to the cast that you really end up finding characters who design speaks to you.

Music That Inspires: Okay, please can we just take a moment to enjoy how awesome this anime’s OST is? The music is just so impacting that the tense fight scenes near the end of the season are so epic, so awe-inspiring that I find it hard to not want to stand up and cheer on All Might or Midoriya. Take for example the opening song The Day by Porno Graffiti. It’s beat, theme all make for such an amazing opening. If you also love to support the music that you enjoy, feel free on purchasing the song in question over on the official Japanese iTunes Store (Japanese iTunes required and at least 250 Yen).

Aside from to outstanding opening the music itself is a reflection of what our character struggle with and what they are therein inspired by. From the upbeat and heroic tune of All Might to the utter dread and fear our heroes all experience when the League of Villains attack all has a purpose. That purpose is to drive an emotional or gut reaction to what we are seeing play on the screen and to ensure that we have the best possible experience that we can.


Final Impression: With an anime that is just jaw dropping beautiful, strong in theme and stance the anime adaptation for My Hero Academia will hold a soft spot in my library. It reminds me of that kid who used to think he could one day be a hero that flew through to skies or the kid who enjoyed the film Sky High. This anime has the action to boot as well and doesn’t shy from showing blood when it needs to be shown. Granted an anime or manga like this won’t attract much interest in those who are tired of the tried and tested hero rising story. For those that do take an interest in the formula, they are rewarded with a series that is phenomenally inspiring. This has to be a must watch for anyone looking to add spice to their life; even if just for thirteen episodes.

With all that being said the anime is confirmed for a season two airing and will more than likely hold that same 13 episode run. I would hope for maybe a 24 episode run, but that could be pushing it a bit.

Rating: 9/10

  • Has a strong theme
  • Great animation
  • Strong character designs
  • Suffers only from the over used hero rising archetype.

Hopefully this new review structure helps in some way of adding more cohesion to our reviews! If you have seen this anime or have at least read the manga, feel free to let us know your impressions and thought on the series down below! We would very much love to hear about all of your experiences with the series thus far!


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